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Danah Smart is a certified fitness trainer, wellness coach, entrepreneur, a leader, a teacher, and a community advocate.

Danah Smart creates customized experiences based on your needs.

She specializes in the following areas:

– Youth & Senior wellness
– Kinesiology
– Nutrition
– Sports Recovery
– Noninvasive weight-loss & body sculpting treatments such as Laser Liposuction, Cavitation, 
Carboxytherapy, Radio frequency, and Cellulite removal.

For every exercise, there is a modification that is just right for you. There’s no workout you CAN’T DO! By the way, Danah believes that you can do anything that you set your mind to so don’t use the word CAN’T around her that will give you an extra 10-push ups! She is dedicated to your health being your wealth. It’s time for you to do it the Smart way! Book a consultation here.


Workout Moderation


Core, Dance, Boxing, Total Body, Strengthening, Flexibility, and more

sport, push-up, strength training


One to one


group workout

guiding you every step of tHE WAY


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